Messaging Options

Ever notice that there are a whole ton of messaging options, and more keep coming out? I have at least seven different messaging platforms installed on my phone. Since different people have their own preferred platform, sometimes we have to use multiple ones, or sometimes different ones for different purposes. How many of these have […]

Brief take on Apple Monitor

More good coverage of crazy news… If you buy a $5,000 monitor, Apple charges an extra $1,000 just for the stand. Ridiculous! How can a company think they can sell a monitor and not include the stand?

Apple “innovating”?

I skimmed an article on some of the new changes Apple announced today. Great article, but some of the things Apple is (finally) doing makes me want to get up on my virtual soapbox and do a mini rant. I’ve been using various devices for a long time, including Apple, Microsoft, Android, as well as […]