random word #prompt

On one of my social networks, one person shared a writing practice, taking five random words and writing about them. I thought this was an interesting idea, and decided to try it.

https://randomwordgenerator.com/ gave me:

  • stable
  • bean
  • relative
  • regulation
  • have

Stable can have different meanings, depending on the context. Stable can be a noun, a building with livestock inside (or it can be different, love C. S. Lewis’ The Last Battle!), or it can refer to a lack of fluctuation and change. Life has not been stable recently, particularly due to one of these other random words. However, things can be more stable depending on what we focus on. I’m a Christian, and when we focus on Jesus, he is always stable – the doesn’t change – and he’ll support us even though life isn’t.

Beans & Rice. Food staple for many including myself sometimes. Fried, baked, or otherwise prepared, I enjoy them all. This week I’ll be heating up a can of chili. It’ll be particularly good considering the rain here today 🙂 Although I could cook some rice, I’ll probably have this can of chili with some bread and salad on the side. Hmm… They say you shouldn’t go shopping while hungry, maybe don’t write about food while hungry?

We all have family who are relatives, and some that say something is relative. If someone says a statement is relative, it could almost be lazy – in that it does not allow for discussion of why they are taking that position. Then there are those who when hearing the word “relative” will think of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I’ll say since I have to finish this post – relatively – soon, I’m just going to stop here.

GRRRRRR. Regulation is supposed to be help guide and protect people. Too often it is a source if oppression, lately especially some new regulations have proven harmful, both to individuals and to society at large. Human nature also tends to ignore helpful regulation. How many people do you know who ignore speed limits? I am passed by hundreds every day. They drive dangerously fast for the conditions, follow each other too closely to stop safely, and drive with distractions.

To have. Possessions can often become a major challenge in life. We value what we possess to much. Many do not have what they need while others have an abundance. This is not a criticism of people having things. What is not good is hurting others in the pursuit of having things. Another things that comes to mind with a related topic is the misconception that some people have (har har har) is that they do not possess what they think they do. They have “purchased” books, music, movies, from electronic stores. Such stores have decided to kill off the particular product that they previously sold, making it no longer available. However, it is easier to “have” physical objects. The irony of putting this in an electronic form.

So, what do you think? Like writing up thoughts on random words? Got a topic you want me to wax not-very-poetic about? Let me know.

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