I love reading. It’s hard to carry around a library, though. That’s where an eBook reader comes in.

Many people might ask, “Why should I get an eBook reader when I can read on my phone?”  The reason often comes down to Battery life, and to Convenience.  Phone screens are ok, but don’t work well outside in the direct sun, and they are not good to use at night unless you filter the blue light out.  e-Ink screens, on the other hand work Great outside.  Many also have a light that can be used at night.  If you load up your eBook reader, then turn on it’s Airplane mode, it can often last for a week or more, especially if you’re not using it much with the light. 


With so many options, who do you buy content with?  Does content transfer between different devices?  Content usually does not transfer between one store an another.  You usually can buy books from your chosen store, or sideload your own files.  Depending on the device you choose, different file formats may be supported.  If you’re reading a document with images, like a textbook or music sheets, PDF files often work better.  If you’re reading mostly text, ePub or mobi can often reflow text to your chosen zoom level better.  Your mileage may vary, but it often works better choosing one store and sticking with it (that way you don’t have to buy it again). If you know there are certain books you know you will want to buy, check with that store’s online web page and see if they sell it before buying an eBook reader device. Some people consider the business practices of a given company, some focus more on the functionality of their device.

There are many different options.  Some ebook readers work with only one service, while others are more generic.  Some commonly known ones include Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and the ones from Kobo.  There are others.  eBook readers typically only work with the company’s own store, but provide a streamlined experience with that store.

Some readers are more generic and can work with multiple stores, however the user experience may not work as well.  Onyx’s Boox Note Pro for example is essentially an Android Tablet with an e-Ink screen.  There are some hoops to jump through, but you can install whatever eBook App you desire, or more than one, and use it like you would on the phone (except for the better-for-reading screen). 


In the future, I’ll try to update this post with some photos, and more details.

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